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ONE Arizona is comprised of 12 diverse non-profit organizations throughout the state that is leading an intense Latino voter outreach campaign for the November election and beyond.To find out more about ONE Arizona, visit www.onearizona.org!

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    Are you ready to build political power in Arizona? Now more than ever, our vote matters.

    Viva The Vote

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    • Viva la Vote
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    With a tight presidential election and key congressional and local races up for grabs in Arizona, One Arizona will register 75k new voters before the November election.

    This movement could be one of the most significant political efforts in Arizona this year, potentially affecting the outcome of races all across the state and building political power in our communities.

    One Arizona's voter engagement efforts have consistently increased voter turn out. The impact is strongest among low propsensity Latino voters, meaning registered voters who do not usually vote. One Arizona has expanded the electorate by turning low-propensity voters, and it consistently does so in the double digits. Furthermore, One Arizona's focus on increasing the number of low-propensity Latino and New American Majority voters to get them on the Permanent Early Voting List (PEVL), which is widely recognized as an effective way to overcome some of the barriers for low income voters and voters of color.

    "These voting efforts are not associated with any party, for us, this is about our families and the future of communities."

    Will you sign?

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